My boy and his doll

Traditionally, boys don’t play with dolls. But is that becuase boys don’t like dolls, or adults don’t think they will like playing with dolls?


Because from my experience, parenting teaches you that, given the opportunity, children will always surprise you in their choices.


Let me tell you a short story. When my youngest was born, my eldest boy was just about to turn two a couple of weeks later. Facing the prospect of having two boys in diapers at the same time, we figured we would at least introduce the idea of toilet training and bought him a potty doll. At the time, we didn’t consider that he would do anything else with it other than making it pee, because he is a boy and he thought it was pretty funny.


Then this little doll started to be pulled out a lot more often. Then every day.


A boy playing, nursing his doll

I had my baby — his little brother — and my older son had his doll. He was so gentle with it. When I fed my newborn, he would feed his “baby”, pretending to nurse him under his shirt just like Mommy did.


He would push his doll around in our shopping cart, taking him in and out and tell him what a good baby he was. He couldn’t really say very much else at the time except “Good baby,” “Shhhh baby,” and he would rock his baby to sleep. He would even change the baby’s diaper, diaper cream and all.


My husband and I loved how gentle he was with his baby and that’s how he was with his little brother too, always helping and giving him kisses and hugs. He was always trying to make him laugh, and they still are always doing that.


For my son, playing with his doll was an important part of not just adjusting to life with a younger brother, but in developing a more nurturing side to his personality.


I am very proud of how my eldest son has started to grow up with a wonderful sense of family. And if you ask him today, at age 8, what he wants to be when he grows up, he will tell you he wants to be a great dad. I truly believe that he will.


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Photo credit: By Ms. Melissa, licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons