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Explore space with 3 new Playmobil sets!

In-store photo of Playmobil Plastro-mech droid GEO 15/16The buzz over Star Wars is easing off a bit since The Force Awakens premiered in December, but who says the interstellar adventure has to end?

Last week, a plastro-mech droid named GEO15/16 trundled into the store here at Appleby Line with a shipment from PASA (Playmobil Aeronautics and Space Administration). I managed to snap a quick photo before he zipped away, chattering on about delivering a message to some princess in the Magical Fairy Land. (What is it about droids and princesses? He and R2-D2 should talk.)

When I opened the boxes he brought, I was elated — the new Playmobil “Mission to Space” products were inside!



The full line includes a Space Shuttle, a Rocket with Launch Site, and a Satellite Meteoroid Laser. Each set offers a ton of features, like lights and sounds, firing missiles, and articulating arms. They also come with loads of accessories, including figures, tools, an exploding meteor and that sweet robot.

But you know what I was most impressed to discover? All three sets can be combined! The booster rocket has attachment points to mount the shuttle, and the nose cone can twist off so you can replace it with the satellite laser.

I’ve been waiting for these items for months, and it’s a delight to have them arrive so early in the year.  

Frankly, the excitement got to me. So when no one was looking, I just had to have a little play time...

Play time at Hobby & Toy Central: Mission to the Science Wall

In-store photo of Playmobil Space set figure with white helmet

“All systems GO. Resume countdown.”

Playmobil Space set with detail of figure and shuttle controls

 “Roger. Going to full internal power. Smooth countdown so far. Over.”

Detail of Playmobil Space set with figure in ground control

“Copy. T-minus 10 seconds. GO for main engine start.”

Detail of Playmobil Space set with shuttle

“Ignition. Solid Rocket Booster Release. We have liftoff!” 

In-store photo of Playmobil Space set with shuttle

“Mission control, I see so many stars. It’s beautiful!”

Create your own launch sequence

What space adventure can you dream up? Check out these awesome new Playmobil sets:

Written By: Nick

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