7 Fun & Educational Games to Keep Kids Entertained While On the Road!

Keeping kids distracted during long car rides is difficult. Take advantage of the car ride to promote education and have fun with your kids. Leave the stress of a fussy car ride at home with these game ideas.

Creative Travel Games

  1. "The Alphabet Race" - Work as a family to complete the whole alphabet using letters on license plates and road signs. Try not to skip any letters, even V, W, X, Y and Z!
  2. "Slogan War" - Take turns saying slogans for different products and brands. You may need to help your kids by giving clues, but they will love the jingles you can remember!
  3. "One Minute Words" - Have someone time and choose a letter. The person playing will have one minute to say all of the words they can think of that start with the chosen letter.
  4. "Guess Who" - Promote creativity by guessing the story behind each car that passes by - their names, jobs, where they are going, etc. Your kids will get a kick out of their silly ideas!
  5. "I'm so Hungry I Could Eat..." - Distract your children from their hunger by playing this game! Have your kids say "I am so hungry I could eat..." something that starts with the letter "A" and then move through the alphabet. Don't be afraid to be silly and creative in this one as well!

Travel Board Games

Hobby and Toy Central has a variety of travel games to keep kids entertained in car rides. They vary from strategy to word and number games and all help promote education and fun.

"Spot it" - Similar to I spy, children pull cards from the Spot It container and look to find these common travel items on the road.

Magnetic travel Game

"Magnetic Travel Games" - There are a ton of fun Magnetic Travel Games to choose from at Hobby and Toy Central. Some involve strategy, such as Magnetic Dominoes, 3-in-1, Magnetic Chess, Magnetic Checkers, Magnetic Backgammon, Magnetic Four in a Row, Magnetic Cribbage, and Magnetic Battleship. Others involve creativity, such as Fun Colours Magnetic Travel. Many involve words, numbers and other educational activities such as Fun 123's Magnetic Travel, Fun Shapes Magnetic Travel, Fun World Magnetic Travel, Magnetic Hangman

There are many more to choose from. All will make your car ride go from hectic to peaceful. Visit your local Hobby and Toy Central to prepare for your long road trip. Or check out the different travel toys online!

Written By: Cheryl Flood
Cheryl Flood

After 10 years as a hobby wholesaler, Cheryl decided to open Hobby and Toy Central to engage closer with the kid in all of us, developing minds, talent and promoting some good old fashion fun! Cheryl is known for finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list in minutes. 

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