Working Together – Our Picks for Cooperative Games

Whether it’s a group of friends getting together for a rowdy party, a bunch of siblings spending a quiet afternoon stuck indoors during a snowstorm, or a family of kids, parents, and grandparents gathered around the dining room table for a weekly game night, it’s no secret that board games bring people together. 

To celebrate this idea of social co-operation and family unity, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite co-operative board games that compel gamers to work together. 

 Ant Colony- 5+ (2-6 Players): The Queen has tasked you, her loyal ants, to work together to build a continuous new ant colony that includes two entrances and four rooms. Just watch out for the dangers of beetles, falling rocks, and hungry anteaters that block your path! We think this is a great game for all ages because it’s a fun experience that teaches both logic and strategy while also encouraging critical thinking skills. 

 Zombie Kidz Evolution– 7+ (2-4 Players): The school is being invaded! Zombies are coming in from all sides! It is up to you and your team of zombie-fighters to work together to lock the entrances to the school before the hoards take over. We love how this game tracks player progression from game to game through trophy-stickers, and also contains secret envelopes that are only opened up at specific times to increase the difficulty level.

Unlock/Exit: The Game– 10+ (2-6 Players): Both Unlock and Exit: The Game are a series of timed co-operative card games reminiscent of escape rooms that use simple systems of codes and puzzles to encourage players to solve a complex mystery. We like how each game in the series is unique in its theme and execution, because this offers a wide variety of game-play options for gamers of differing skill levels and interests.

Hanabi– 8+ (2-5 Players): In 2013, Hanabi won the coveted Spiel des Jahres award for best game of the year. With its beautiful card design and simple game-play mechanics, Hanabi is a great little co-operative card game that also contains deep underlying strategy. We love how this underlying strategy creates some intense moments at the game table! We also love the low price-point and travel-sized packaging.  

Castle Panic– 10+ (1-6 Players): The forest is filled with monsters and they want to destroy your castle towers! Working together using a team of knights, archers, swordsmen and other battle cards, you must defend the castle or be destroyed! Castle Panic is a great game for fantasy enthusiasts looking to role-play as warriors against an army of creatures. Along with the fun game-play, we love the artwork in this game and think the 3D castle that stands in the middle of the game board is fantastic!  

Along with these five choices, we have many other co-operative games for you to choose from; such as PandemicForbidden IslandSub-Terra, and Flashpoint Fire Rescue. Come into one of our stores so a staff member can show you some gaming options. 

Try out one of these new games to bring your family and friends together for some co-operative fun!