Wooden Model Kits - Part 3 of a 4 Part Series

Wooden Kits - Something a little different

Guillow's Balsa Airplane KitWe sell a variety of Wooden Model kits to suit different skill levels and interests. Our selection includes airplanes, buildings, vehicles, and ships (both small and large). We have lots to choose from!

Balsa Airplane Kits

From Guillow’s you will find a variety of Balsa Airplane kits. These range from simple three piece gliders to large complex models (where you'll be gluing each strut in place, attaching a “skin” over the body made of tissue paper and finally painting your finished airplane). Tools required for building balsa airplanes include hobby knives and files, wood/balsa glue, fuel proof dope (a thick glue used to seal the tissue paper to the finished body and provide strength), and of course paints.ifferent skill levels and interests. Our selection includes airplanes, buildings, vehicles, and ships (both small and large). We have lots to choose from!

Matchitecture - All-In-One Canadian Made Wooden Kits

Matchitecture is a line of all-in-one wooden kits in which you build 3D structures and vehicles. Each kit comes with detailed instructions, wooden microbeams, glue, and a special cutter. These kits involve cutting the strips to the size shown in the instructions and gluing the pieces together accordingly. Some of the designs include vehicles, famous buildings, and bridges. If you wish to make your own design, we also sell the refill kits. Even better is that these are a made in Canada product!

Wooden Ship

The Complex Wooden Ship

Wooden ships can be the most complex yet rewarding of all the wooden kits to build. Typically wooden ships come in two kit varieties; weekend and full build. Weekend ships have completed hulls and only require the decks, masts and rigging to finish the model. These are a great introduction to wooden ship building. For advanced and expert level builders we also have full build kits. These kits required you to put together every part of the ship from keel to sails. Some kits can take weeks or months to complete so they make for a great long term project! 

Regardless of which type of ship you choose there are a few tools that you will need to complete these kits. A good sharp hobby knife, tweezers, pliers, a hammer, and wood/carpenters glue are a must. Having a variety of sand paper on hand will also be very handy, as well as a hands free magnifying glass. Finally, one surprisingly helpful tool is CA (Cyanoacrylate) glue. This VERY fast drying glue is useful on wooden ships when completing the rigging. Just dip the end of the rope into the glue to make a ridged “needle” that can be pulled through the connectors with relative ease then cut off the end when you're finished!

What’s next?

Check back soon for our final blog on Expert Level Model Building. Topics will include customization with Styrene, diorama building with products from Woodland Scenics, airbrushing, custom lighting, decals, and much more!


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