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Stunt Squadron by Creativity for Kids


Calling all pilots and creators! This new activity from 'Creativity for Kids' allows you to customize and pilot your very own five-plane fleet. It comes with color-in stickers, markers, metallic accents and five planes

  • Planes are made out of soft and durable foam material
  • Wingspan measures 7", making it a perfect choice to soar through indoor and outdoor air
  • Easy to assemble, quick to get your planes up and flying to perform lots of incredible stunts.

Geospace Jump Rocket - Launcher and 3 Rocket Set

The engineers down at 'Geospace' have worked long and hard to double their previous rocket's flight time with their new patented ‘Thrust Booster technology'. Venture further into the stratosphere with this rocket kit.

  • Jump and blast off rockets up to 300ft
  • Includes air pump, launch pad, and three soft foam rockets
  • User-friendly

We also carry extra rocket packs with four additional rockets to take you to the next level. Just be sure to avoid roofs!

Counting Pogo Jumper by Kidoozie

Introducing a fun and safe way to pogo jump around:

  1. Use safely year-round both indoors and outdoors
  2. Supports up to 250 lbs 
  3. A digital counter on top of the handlebar, as well as a squeaky sound, counts your every jump
  4. Comfortable handles and a soft-cushioned base
  5. Did we say fun already?

Ring Toss Game

Challenge yourself or your household on your accuracy skills with this revamped versatile game from 'Rustik'. Take aim at the colourful pegs, and try to land your rope around a specific colour. The simplicity of this version of ring toss makes it easy for all ages to set up and use. The game also compacts down to fit inside of a mesh bag, making it very portable.

Finnish Bowling

Also new from 'Rustik' is the Finnish Bowling set. This outdoor game of skill will test two or more players on their accuracy. Spread the solid wooden pins across the play area and take aim! Hit different pins to gather different amounts of points, the first to collect 50 points wins the game! Comes in a wooden carrying case to make transportation easier. 

 Ladderball by Front Porch

This classic game of ladderball is easy to learn and tons of fun for ages 8 and up. Front Porch built their version out of steel, so it will last many seasons of play. It is designed for indoor and outdoor use and is perfect for the backyard, camping, and the beach. The bolas are made out of soft plastic, yet are the official size and weight to play like actual golf balls. This set includes:

  • 2 steel ladder goals
  • Carrying and storage bag
  • 3 red bolas
  • 3 blue bolas

Huzzle Cast Infinity

Are you ready to call yourself a Grand Master? Challenge yourself or someone else with the Infinity puzzle as it feels like it endlessly loops and moves around itself. Definitely don't judge the Infinity's difficulty on its simplistic design as it will entertain you for hours trying to find the solution.

Huzzle Cast Cylinder

You can try to look at the outside appearance of this puzzle, but Huzzle says that it gives absolutely no clue on how to start. Instead, go about the Cylinder as if you were cracking open a safe… Get your super-sleuthing skills on to try and crack this puzzle's solution!

Secret Opening Box - Heart Bank by Puzzle Master

The Secret Opening box is a well-made wooden puzzle box, with a coin slot on the side to put money or special notes inside to keep it safe. Puzzle Master gave each Secret box a unique solution, so it will take a lot of brain-power and manipulation before they will open. 

F・R・I・E・N・D・S Central Perk By Wrebbit

Just in time for the reunion, gather your roommates around the table to work on this 440 piece 3D jigsaw puzzle. Recreate the famous Central Perk located in New York's West Village while you put on reruns of the hit TV series. The puzzle features highly detailed illustrations and includes a character piece that has all six friends on it.

Metal Earth Infinity Gauntlet

Marvel and Metal Earth have collaborated to let you build your very own Endgame Infinity Gauntlet. This is a highly detailed etched model that is perfect for displaying. Are you up for the challenge, and who would you give the gauntlet to? Are you team Thanos or team Avengers?

  • The ideal challenge for ages 14 and up
  • No glue or solder needed
  • Tweezers are recommended to bend, twist and connect the metal pieces 
  • Once assembled the dimensions are 1.70L x 1.60W x 4.30H inches
  • Easy to follow printed instructions included

Ravensburger Escape Room Puzzles

Ravensburger has taken the idea of escape rooms and brought it to your kitchen table with the brand new Escape Room Puzzles. Like regular escape rooms, you must solve each puzzle to escape. But now, you must also complete a jigsaw puzzle to see the picture with the clues to solve your escape. A little tip - the puzzle image isn't identical to the box image, good luck with these:

A gigantic fireball is barrelling towards Earth! Hidden within the Space Observatory are the parts needed to construct a powerful laser to destroy the impending meteor. Also hidden within are six mysteries. Can you build the 759 pc puzzle and complete all of its challenges in time, or will the fireball get the best of us? It's up to you!  

To the sleuths and adventurists ages 9 and up, you've wandered through a forest and discovered a mystical and magical Amusement Park. Legend says that if you aren't out by dark, you'll be trapped there forever! Can you complete this 368 pc puzzle and escape in time, or will you be stuck there for all of eternity?