Wondering What To Do For Fall?

The cool autumn weather is here. Maybe you need some help finding some new things to do in this season.  Have you ever considered flying kites? I know you are reading this thinking that’s a summer hobby, but for Stunt Kiting the stronger fall wind is excellent! 

If you don’t know what a Stunt kite is I will give you a brief description.

Stunt KiteA Stunt /Sport Kite is a kite that has 2 or more strings.  You can actually steer the kite, left, right, figure 8’s, and then much more advanced moves as you get more practice in.  They are just phenomenal to watch in the air and a lot of fun to play with.  When you are working with stunt kites we do recommend older children and adults because these kites can be large and it takes a lot of strength to move them on a windy day.

If you are not really an outdoors person as the cooler days set in, then you should definitely come in and see all the hobbies we have.  To start things off we have our model wall, this wall runs from one end of the store to the other if you have never been in to see one of them.

Model wallOur model wall consists of:

  • cars
  • trucks
  • planes
  • boats
  • military
  • sci-fi 

Many of our customers find it is one of their favourite things to do in their spare time. Pictures they have submitted of their models are outstanding!"

I am realizing now I could just write the whole store into something to do in the fall.  I could talk about paint by numbers; a lot of our customers love to do them.  It’s a great way to paint for those who just want to paint and may not have the time or ability (that would be me lol) to create a picture from scratch. 

We also just got in the most amazing adult colouring books!  That’s right, adult colouring has been proven to relieve stress and provide a great hobby for those who don’t have a lot of time. They are easy to put down and pick right back up (an no clean up!).

Myself I am a puzzler.  I will confess though I didn’t used to be, I thought the idea of doing a puzzle was just crazy….until one day we got in a beautiful Christmas puzzle and I said I would love to have our family complete that and hang it for Christmas.  So I did it, I bought the puzzle and absolutely loved it!  Now I always have a puzzle on the go.  What I realized was that yes it takes a long time but the sense of accomplishment when you are finished is just awesome, especially when it was a really difficult one. 

heye PuzzleShortly after, it dawned on me why we carry so many different puzzles, because picking a puzzle is like picking art for your wall... everyone has different tastes and everyone is right about what they find beautiful.  If you have a sense of humour you should check you should check out the comic ones from Heye and Jumbo, they are hilarious!  If you like collage puzzles White Mountain has a ton of fantastic ones to chose from.  We of course have a huge selection of Ravensburger and Cobble Hill Puzzle too.  If you have ever thought to try a puzzle I truly believe you should they are great to sit down by yourself, with your spouse, kids or any friend that drops by. 

I hope I have given you a few ideas about what you can do as this new autumn weather arrives.