Whoa! A new heard of Breyer horses has arrived

Breyer Fantasia Del C and Gazosa

We are more than a little bit excited to welcome the latest Breyer horses and accessories into Hobby and Toy Central!

Here are some of the highlights – visit one of our stores so we can show you our extensive collection.

We are so proud of our flagship store special: Beachcomber, a gorgeous pinto Chincoteague pony. Hurry in if you would like one of these limited items – they are galloping out of of the door.

Beachcomber, a gorgeous pinto Chincoteague pony

Four new traditional scale sculptures:

Two new foals:

Classic line introductions:

  • Six new singles
  • Three new horse and foal sets
  • Lots of new coat colours
  • Bella the 2017 horse of the year and
  • Starry Night, a new decorator horse

We have restocked some old favourites, including Xavier the unicorn and there is a new barrel racing tack set, perfect for your Babyflo or Paint Me A Pepto models!

Interested in customizing your own herd?

Check out the Stablemates fantasy horse paint set which includes blank stablemate bodies to create your own dream horse! You can use the paints in the kit, or any of our acrylic paints or soft pastels to create the perfect coat colour. Visit Breyer's website for more details on how to enter the world of customizing your Breyer horses.

Gundam horse exampleIf you love horses, our Gundam model section has some robotic horses which can be customized in the same way.

Don’t forget, you can share pictures of your collection on our Facebook page, or bring your creations into the store; we love to see them!