Warm up with Pink this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day will be here soon, and it’s time to think about spreading some warmth while it’s still icy and snowy and slushy outside.  Especially now that Wiarton Willie has promised us six more weeks of Winter.

When the fourteenth comes next Friday, all the little ones will be busy trading Valentines with all their friends and family.  Now, the option that many harried moms, dads, grandparents, and so on, choose would be to head to the local card shop to pick up stacks of tiny cards with cheesy jokes on them.  (“It said, ‘I choo-choo-choose you,” and it had a picture of a train!”)  Spending the rest of that night scrambling to print names on dozens of little cards really isn’t much fun for kids or adults, and the masses of identical greetings can end up feeling pretty impersonal on a day that is supposed to be about friendship and love and making others feel special.

Get Creative This Valentine's Day!

With just a tiny bit of extra time and planning, making Valentines with the kids can be a lot more creative and fun, and end up far more personal to boot.  Take a quick walk through our craft section and you can find a ton of stuff that little ones can use to make their own cards.

Stamp Set from Melissa and DougSomething fairly small and inexpensive will do the trick.  The Butterfly and Heart Stamp Set from Melissa and Doug would be a perfect choice for making some easy custom Valentines.  The set comes with eight wooden stamps, pink and purple ink pads, as well as a cute little box to store it all when you’re done.  Just about everyone has reams of paper hanging around the house.  A quick couple of folds, a cheerful collection of stamps, perhaps a drawing and a few affectionate words, and you can craft a personalized card in five minutes or so.

Pink Has Become A Magical Colour For Us!

We have also chosen this little stamp set in the hopes that it might invite you to start thinking in pink.  With Valentine’s Day in the air, pink has become a magical colour for us.  As we look at the world through rose-coloured glasses for the next two weeks, we will be offering an in store 20% discount on all pink items, or items that have pink on their packaging.  This turns out to be a great deal because it covers some of our biggest products, like Calico Critters, Lego Friends, and a healthy selection of Playmobil, all of which have a good deal of pink on their boxes.  And while it’s definitely true that a lot of the pink things we carry are “for girls,” this isn’t just a “girly” sale.  We’re pretty liberal at Hobby and Toy, so if you point out a pink detail or some pink lettering on one of our puzzles or paint-by-numbers sets, or show us a pink pig or the pink udder of a cow by Safari, it’ll count toward the sale.  I’ve even found a couple of model kits with boxes that picture military aircraft zooming across a rosy sunset sky.

Have fun exploring our store looking for pink. You may be completely surprised on how much pink is at Hobby and Toy Central!