The ultimate infant and toddler gift guide

Sweet Dreamz on the Go, by Cloud B

Sweet Dreamz On the Go is the all-in-one baby soother to calm fussy and tired babies: a must-have for every busy family. Each adorable soother comes equipped with a built in nightlight along with calming sounds and melodies. Choose from four gentle sounds, including a mother’s heartbeat and a soothing “shhh”sound, as well as four additional tranquil lullabies. Three different modes allow you to select the perfect setting while calming baby and easing them to sleep, wherever bedtime may land. Available in Blue Bear and Grey Owl.

Pop ‘n Play Sensory Balls, by Early Years

This set includes a total of 7 balls to roll, bounce, squeeze and explore. The large ball conveniently stores the 6 smaller textured balls. Each has a different surface and color for baby to discover!






My Pal Truman, by Manhattan Toy

This friendly turtle is packed with play activities to foster fine motor skills. Truman Turtle pull-toy rolls along on any flat surface with rubber-trimmed wheels.



Harry Copter’s Animal Rescue, by Wow

Hi guys, Harry Copter here soaring the skies in search of any jungle disasters. I’m the helicopter to call when there’s a rumble in the jungle as I can use my magnetic pick up system to help the stranded animals to hospital so they’re back to normal in no time! Just hold my sturdy handle and squeeze the trigger to activate my motorised main rotor, then pick up the injured animals with my magnetic lift and drop them off safely by turning the searchlight. See our full selection of Wow toys here!

Cool Tools Activity Set, by Kidoozie

This tool box opens to reveal an activity station. Shape sorting, power drill with sound, hammer one nail and another pops up, fun sounds and spinning and meshing gears can all be foudn in this hands-on tool kit.