Thumb Chucks: A toy you’ll really flip for!

The greatest thing about Thumb Chucks, is their unexpected simplicity.  Based on an ancient Greek toy, Begleri, Thumb Chucks are composed of two counterweights on a short chord. The counterweights: two rubber balls, which light up when in motion, are connected by a heavy-duty band. Both the band and the balls are interchangeable, so you can create unique sets by swapping parts of different colour. 

For the most part Thumb Chucks are a skill toy, regardless of how much, or little, skill you have. They can be flipped, twisted, and looped around the fingers to perform tricks, and their subtle glow allows for amazing tricks in the dark. Thumb Chucks also come with a downloadable app, which not only shows tips and tricks, but also has a gallery where you can record your feats. Check out this video to see them in action.

But wait, there’s more.

Thumb Chucks also make a great fidget toy. The grippy, rubber balls can be squeezed and bounced, which makes them a great stress reliever. The twirling and flipping will keep your hands busy without much need for concentration or acuity. Thumb Chucks are also quiet, unlike some other fidget toys, which is a big plus.

Besides being a great value for a small price, Thumb Chucks are simply fun.  While there are engaging tricks to master, you don’t need to learn them to enjoy this intuitive toy.