Three activities to help fulfill your New Year's resolutions


With a few weeks of 2018 behind, new year's resolutions are fading fast - but don't sweat it! We can help you hold onto those self-promises you made!

  • Find more time for creativity

Growing up sometimes means relinquishing bits and pieces of personalities and hobbies in order to focus on other ones. But, that doesn’t have to be the reality. Get back in touch with your creative side through the arts and crafts projects of your childhood – paint by numbers. These projects are guided enough to help you get your footing on the canvas, and diverse enough for you to find a style, picture, or difficulty that meets your needs. No matter what masterpiece you’re looking to create this year, we can help get you started.

  • Exercise different parts of your brain

It’s easy to get lost in the day to day responsibilities of a job, family or household. All too often, this routine occupies part of your brain while leaving others to sit dormant, just waiting to be stretched. Wake up those sleepy areas with a wide variety of puzzles and brain teasers that occupy your mind in ways your work might not. Making it a challenge by setting goals for yourself to solve a new puzzle every month.

  • Spend more time with family

Phone, television, tablet – every home is stocked with a sea of screens, making it harder than ever to gather uninterrupted as a family. Enter the tabletop game. This classic pastime, often shared across the kitchen table has a ton of new twists to keep the entire family engaged for family time throughout the year. Whether you’re looking for the vintage favourite of your past, or something with more bells and whistles, our massive stock has got you covered.

This list is just the tip of the resolution iceberg. Our stock, hand picked to give you a strong connection with a quality toy or timeless hobby, can be a hallmark part of 2018 for kids of all ages.