They're never too old for play

Teenagers aren’t too old to play - we promise. Even if they're glued to a screen for 75 per cent of the day, we’ve got some sure-fire ways to spark their imagination no matter how many Snapchats they’re sending.


Outdoor Play
When in doubt, warm weather will get your teens outdoors at the very least. Why not try picking up one of our kites for a windy day?  A nice big delta or a trickier box kite would be a great choice for older kids looking for a bit of a challenge. Ladderball, makes a solid beach game or camping companion that can play on everyone’s competitive spirit. With a little coaxing, you might even be able to get them to a local frisbee golf course (promise a follow up of pizza?). The sport is steadily growing in popularity and we have the newest frisbee putters and drivers to get your child started.

Tabletop Gaming
For those more comfortable in small groups or reserved settings, board and card games are a timless hit around the kitchen table. Bring Your Own Book is a fun new game of borrowed phrases, where players search through their favourite books for text that will answer a chosen question card; while the quirky and fast-paced game Ghost Blitz sees players quickly grabbing for mice, chairs, and ghosts faster than their opponents. And, when all else fails, the classics certainly  won’t; Settlers of Catan Dutch Blitz or Scopa are perfect for camping, late night laughs or family traditions.

Nothing inspires bonding like hours spent carefully painting and glueing intricate model peices, right? We have a great assortment of cars, planes, and boats of varying difficulty levels to facilitate just that. Snap-Tite models are a great starting point for kids who are interested in modelling but aren't quite ready for the more intricate glue and paint designs that we have in stock. Along with the wide selection of snap-tite cars and planes that are easy to assemble, the Gundam series of snap-tite robotic suits offers a greater modelling challenge of movable action figure that can be customized with specialty markers and displayed on action bases. Metal Earth models are beautifully designed projects that will allow teens and young adults to create small metal replicas of a Grand Piano, the CN Tower, or even the Millennium Falcon (who can say no to the Millenium Falcon).

No matter that your teenager is interested in, our staff have got the inside scoop on helping them remember the joys of play.