These New Diecast Cars Will Rev Gearheads’ Engines

Late last week, a new shipment of collector’s diecast cars arrived for all the gearheads on your holiday shopping list.


Jaimie is personally in love with the premium 1/18 scale sports cars, like this 2014 Corvette Stingray:

Corvette 1/18 die cast collectible model car




And this LaFerrari:

Laferrari 1/18 die cast collectible model car



She expressed a wish to be six inches tall, just so she could sit inside...


As for me, I’m partial to some of the more unique rides, like this tricked-out VW van/taxicab:


I can practically hear the dubstep!


And how about this shark-mouth Model A Ford?

Model A Ford 1/18 die cast collectible model car



We have a ton more in stock now, from muscle cars to SUVs, classic luxury vehicles to bleeding-edge sportscars. Swing by one of our locations to find your dream car!

Written By: Nick

Nick as been with Hobby and Toy Central since 2013, when he drifted into the store at Mapleview Mall as a struggling PhD graduate. Nick has a pasion for puppets, Playmobil, European-style board games, and Gundam Models.  While he does enjoy reading difficult French philosophy now and again, and still writes the occasional academic paper, he is more likely to be found chatting with veteran modellers or typing up the latest blog post for Hobby and Toy’s website as he leads the team at our location on Appleby Line in Burlington.  

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