Staff Picks: Dan’s Top 5 Gifts for the Holidays

Having trouble with your gift list for the holidays? Let us inspire you! In this ongoing series, our Hobby and Toy Central experts pick their favourite products.

By Dan, Hobby and Toy Central, Kitchener 


1. Hanabi

Hanabi co-operative card game

Winner of the 2013 Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year), Hanabi is an amazing co-operative card game in which players must work as a team to build sequences of cards in a variety of colours in order to produce the most spectacular fireworks display possible. With players holding their cards away from themselves so that they are only visible to their teammates, Hanabi becomes an intense social interaction of clue-giving, bold moves and strategic deduction. An incredible card game that every tabletop game fanatic should have in their collection!



2. Lords of Waterdeep

Lords of Waterdeep Dungeons & Dragons game


Taking inspiration from the Dungeons and Dragons universe, Lords of Waterdeep has players each take on a role of one of the many Lords of the great city; each with the ultimate goal of recruiting adventurers to undergo specific quests. This is a beautifully designed game with great illustrations and board layout that's great for fantasy fans who love Dungeons and Dragons, and for both new and experienced board gamers looking to explore more involved worker-placement game strategy.


3. Petite Peel & Press

Melissa & Doug Petite Peel & Press Rainforest

From Melissa & Doug, the Petite Peel & Press series of creative art projects is a great choice for the younger crafting enthusiast looking to make a ready-to-hang wall craft at home. The sticker-by-number layout is easy to follow and creates a beautiful picture once finished. Available in a variety of images, from Princess Castle to Rainforest, the Petite Peel & Press makes a great gift for both boys and girls.


 4. 4 Foam Fliers

4 Foam Fliers by Creativity for Kids

4 Foam Fliers is a wonderful little craft kit from Creativity for Kids that allows children to build and paint their own foam airplanes. With 4 fliers in each box, kids can paint a variety of different designs and make customizable aircrafts that they can then fly when dry. Great as both a party activity or an individual craft, the 4 Foam Fliers kit is simple and fun!


5. Robotic Hand 

Robotic Hand robotics kit by 4M

The Robotic Hand will introduce a young science-minded child into the world of robotics. In essence, the design is quite simple, yet it is ultimately still a challenging project to put together. The Robotic Hand is perfect for parents and children to bond over a small and intricate crafting project while learning about science.



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