Spring Showers? Bring the fun inside by creating the ultimate CRAFT box!

Kids need something fun to keep them entertained on those rainy days. This spring surprise your kids by creating the ULTIMATE craft box. It may sound like a daunting task, but preparing a craft box is EASY and can keep kids entertained for hours. It is a handy tool to have when play is brought indoors.

A craft box requires some essentials. Fortunately, they can all be found at any local department store - You may even already have them at home!

Home Made Craft Box

    • Glue
    • Construction paper
    • Markers, pencil crayons, crayons
    • Scissors (make it even more fun with scissors that cut zigzags)
    • Foam letters and shapes
    • Pipe cleaners
    • Paint / paint brushes
    • Cotton balls 
    • Yarn
    • Googly Eyes
    • Popsicle sticks
    • Beads

Tip: Be conservative with what you put in the craft box. Keep a secret stash of craft supplies to replenish the box and ensure all materials are not used up at one time!

If your kids are running low on craft ideas - remember they do not have to be complicated! Try drawing a "squiggle" on a piece of paper and let your kids' add to it to create a picture. You will be surprised with what they come up with! For other Spring Showers craft ideas see our Pinterest Arts & Crafts board packed with spring ideas.

Kids can make anything into something fun and creative. Save your toilet paper rolls, paper towel roles, tissue boxes, and any other recycling in your house. Add them to the craft box!

You can even create your craft box out of recyclables so it will cost you nothing! Grab an old storage container. Take the bottoms of plastic juice containers. Rinse them. Use them as dividers between different craft supplies. Put the lid back on and there - you have a perfect craft box ready to be filled up!

Keep kids entertained by adding interesting new supplies to the craft box. Hobby and Toy Central has a ton of fun craft supplies that will spice up your craft box:

If you are short on time and need a quick fix, check out the Big Fun Crafts pre-made craft box!

Written By: Cheryl Flood
Cheryl Flood

After 10 years as a hobby wholesaler, Cheryl decided to open Hobby and Toy Central to engage closer with the kid in all of us, developing minds, talent and promoting some good old fashion fun! Cheryl is known for finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list in minutes. 

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