Scabs ā€˜nā€™ Guts Game - so much learning fun!

A "meducational" trivia game for ages 6 and up, and for 2 or more players. The player with the cleanest fingernails gets to go first.

With 162 cards, players can play alone or in teams moving around the board, answering various questions about real facts based on science and anatomy. The cards either have true or false or, multiple choice questions from 3 different categories:

  • Blood and Guts
  • Scrapes and Scabs
  • Blubber or Buff

Each of these 3 categories have the allotted spaces that you can move around the board. There are Wild cards to help you either win faster or hinder your movement around the board. These card can even make you do actions like making a fart sound with a body part, which can result in huge laughs. The body parts pawns you use to move around the board have unique names: play with "Lily Liver", "Buster the Gut" or "Harry the Heart".

The goal of this game is to answer the most correct questions to get around the board first. This silly gross game is great learning fun!

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