Rock out with Playmobil Rock Stage!

I am so impressed with the way Playmobil always keeps us on our toes with their new releases and this one does not disappoint

Rockout PLaymobile Rock StageIt starts with the Main Stage that comes with:

  • four band members
  • microphones
  • guitars
  • drum set
  • and of course working stage lights

If that wasn’t enough, here’s the fun part... you can actually hook up your MP3 player to the stage speakers and have your child pretend they are playing with their favourite music artists!  How cool is that?

Follow that up with the matching accessory sets that include Keyboard artist, a Rock Band featuring a female lead singer with pink hair and an R/C Compatible Tour Bus!  

           Girls Rock bandPlaymobile Keyboardplaymobile rock bus 

There is so many different ways your children can play with these toys, the possibilities are endless.

I am so excited to have this selection for our Playmobil Sale throughout October!  By far this is one of my favourite new toy releases this year.

Written By: Cheryl Flood
Cheryl Flood

After 10 years as a hobby wholesaler, Cheryl decided to open Hobby and Toy Central to engage closer with the kid in all of us, developing minds, talent and promoting some good old fashion fun! Cheryl is known for finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list in minutes. 

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