Road trip! 9 ways to keep your kids entertained in the car

Whether it's March Break, a summer vacation or just a long haul to visit relatives, car trips with the kids won't feel so long if you plan how they'll spend the hours on the road. Sitting happily in one place for extended periods of time can be a huge challenge for energetic little monkeys of all ages, so you need to bring some fun activities along for the ride.

Here are 9 activities that we've found are perfect for safely entertaining the kids for hours on your next road trip — without turning on videos!


1. Kidoozie Rough n' Tough Peek-a-boo Bag — Can Junior find all the treasures? Toddlers find great joy in the simplest of things, like this small bag that they shake and squish to uncover tiny coloured items amongs the beads. (2+)

Pre-School and Kindergarten (3-6)

2. Reusable Sticker Pads — Children aged 3–6 love using stickers to make up stories, and the Vehicles Activity Pad lets them create five different scenes about what they see out the window as the world rolls by. They even come with larger stickers for younger kids. Other themes in the Melissa & Doug-brand series include Fairies, Vehicles, Habitats, Dress Up, Faces and more.

Vehicles Activity Sticker Pad For Kids

3. Magnet Scenes — Also perfect for imaginitive story telling, the Imaginetics' magnet boards come in two different sizes and fold up for easy storage in a bag or the car.

4. Alex Car Valet — Make art on the go! This travel-ready art kit hangs off the back of the seat in front of the child, giving them a surface for drawing, writing or colouring. Zippered and open pockets carry all their art supplies.  


School Age (6-12)

5. Klutzs Cat's Cradle — Your child's fingers and mind will certainliy be kept busy practicing string patterns like the Eiffel Tower, Cup and Saucer, Jacob's ladder and the Witches Broom. 


6. Travel games — Perfect for when you have more than one backseat passenger on the trip, car-ready versions of familiar games like the Guess Who? mystery face guessing game are dependable fun for passing the time. We always have a big selection in store.

7. Travel-size Simon  — Watch, remember, repeat! Another classic, this game will challenge any child aged 8 and up to see how many patterns they can get right.

8. Rubiks Speed Cube — How fast can your child solve it? The Rubiks Speed Cube features an all-new mechanism of the famous puzzle with faster, smoother movement. Children aged 8 and up can first focus on learning the patterns that will solve the cube, and then practice them to build up speed.


Teenagers (12+)

9. Shadow Mysteries — Great for young adults and adults, each card has a different mystery that needs to be solved. Ask certain questions, and then you and other passengers can try to solve each riddle, puzzle or mystery.