A rainy day story

It was a dark and stormy summer day. The clouds, grey and heavy, hung low over the family home and rumbled with the sound of thunder. As the rain poured down, Jimmy and Tiffany sat in the living room staring at one another in awkward silence, wondering what they could possibly do to pass the time. Their parents had already cancelled their day trip to the beach and the old toys upstairs lay covered in dust.

"I'm so bored," said Jimmy as he fidgeted with a loose piece of carpet on the side of the living room rug. Tiffany let out a big sigh. "Me too," she said, "I wonder when Dad will be home."

Suddenly, the front door burst open with a gigantic thud and in walked their father. In his hands he clasped a collection of shopping bags. He had returned from his trip to Hobby and Toy Central.

"Yay!" the kids shouted in excitement. They jumped up and rushed toward their father. "What did you get us Dad?" asked Tiffany.

"Some really cool things," he replied, placing the bags on the floor. Tiffany pulled the top item out of the first bag and moved her hand across the bright pink box. "Aqua Beads!" she exclaimed. "That's so awesome!"

"I thought you'd like these" said her Dad. "You can make your own beaded bracelets and hairclips with just a few sprays of water. You don't even need me or Mom to help you put them together." Tiffany smiled and studied the box as her brother pulled the next item out of the bag.

"Oh cool!" he said as he discovered the Qixels bead pack his Dad had purchased for him. "I can make bead zombies and create all of my favourite video game characters too!"

"Hey, don't forget about me" said Mom with a smile as she walked down the stairs and into the room.

"Oh how could I forget about you?" their father quipped back with a grin. He reached into the next bag and pulled out a 1000-piece Ravensburger puzzle of galloping horses. "Wow, this is beautiful" Mom said.

"I know," Dad replied, "You should see the collection of puzzles they have there. Cobble Hill, Educa, Heye... they have so many different types. All of them are perfect for a rainy day like this."

Jimmy looked into the bag and pulled out a copy of Ghost Blitz. "What's this Dad?"

"It's a great little family game that I found. You have to grab certain items like a red chair or blue book to match the images on the cards. I thought that we could all play together tonight."

"I hope it's as fun as Zombie Dice" said Jimmy, "I really like that game."

"So what did you get for yourself?" Mom asked inquisitively. "I see there's one more item in that bag there." Dad smiled and pulled a Star Wars Paper Model Kit of R2D2 out of the bag. "Is this the droid you were looking for?" he quipped with a smirk.

As the kids went to work on their bead crafts on the living room floor, Mom sat down at the kitchen table to work on her new puzzle. Dad sat down beside her and carefully began constructing his new paper model. While the rain continued to pour down outside, the sounds of laughter and excitement filled the family home.