Our store sales challenge is on until August 20th.

After many discussions of what to put on sale this week our stores couldn’t come to a unanimous decision, so for the first time ever each store will have their own sale.

From August 12 - 20th the following are on sale at each location:

Burlington-Mapleview Centre - 20% off All Puppets and Stuffed Animals!
 Kitchener - 20% off All Outdoor Toys including Kites!
London - 20% off All Schleich sets and figures!
Mississauga-Heartland Centre - 20% off All Mindteasers!

Can I get it on sale if it’s not at your local store? ...YES!

Over 2000 items on sale this week and all you have to do to get the sale is tell our employees that you know it’s on sale at the other location and you would like the discount too!  

That’s it, it really is that easy.