Not sure what gift to get?

Aunt Robin to the rescue! My niece and nephews, who range from 4  years to 12 years, keep me on track with the most popular toys and hobbies.  

What makes me an expert at helping find gifts is that I especially love paying attention to the trends loved by the young ones with unique interests. Here are the top 5 of my favourites at the store:

Twlight Turtle1. Twilight Turtle

The turtle projects stars and moons across your child’s room. It’s a great way to sooth a child to sleep.

2.  Household Play

House PlayPlaying house is one of the oldest children’s games, and for good reason. It lends endless hours of fun using your imagination! 

3. Dress Up

Dress UpUse your imagination to be a princess waiting for her prince charming to rescue her or be a vet who is taking care of a beloved pet. There are many different roles to choose from for both boys and girls!

4. Calico Critters

calico crittersWhat is your favourite critter? A cat? A hedgehog?  There are a variety of critters for your young one to fall in love with!

5. Playmobil

playmobilLet your imagination soar. Let’s go to the farm and go for a horseback ride or feed the animals. Or you can choose to go back in time when the dinosaurs where here. Possibilities are endless with Playmobil.

These are just a few of my favourites after seeing them in action with my niece and nephews. 

All of the staff at Hobby and Toy Central are trained to help you find the perfect give to fit the child. Stop by the store to browse our products. Our friendly staff will be available to help narrow down options!