Modeling pro tip: There's a tape for curves

Masking is an important job for making sure your model gets the fabulous paint job it deserves. But it can be a tedious process at the best of times, and downright maddening when it comes to smooth curves. Tamiya has developed a tape specifically designed to mask smooth curves without wrinkling like standard masking tapes.  There are three sizes available--2mm, 3mm, and 5mm--the wider tape is better suited to gentle curves, and thinner tape to sharp curves. It has a low tack, like their standard masking tape, and will lift off cleanly and easily. Of course, you will still want the underlying paint to be thoroughly dry before application, and make sure not to leave the tape on for extended periods.

For an in-depth review of Tamiya’s Masking Tape for Curves, check out the video below, by International Scale Modeler: