Menko Den Ouden's Railroad

We love when our hobby customers stop by and show off their projects. The dedication, creativity, and passion that many put into their work is inspiring. Menko Den Ouden is a perfect example.

Menko was stopping by our Burlington store every couple of weeks to pick up track, rolling stock, and other odds and ends to add to his railroad. He showed us a few early pictures of his larger table, which was already shaping up nicely, with the city scene starting to fill in and the impressive mountain already complete. We particularly loved how he had divided the layout in four, with each quadrant set in one of the four seasons.

The (nearly) finished layout is amazing with its lit signs, lots of miniatures, and great details - right down to a snow plow pushing through a residential street in the winter section. Check out a video of the massive build here or check out this album of photos.

Menko plans to automate the whole thing using IoT (Internet of Things) technologies, including pistons to raise and lower the truss bridges that connect the two tables together.

A big thank you to Menko for sharing his work with us - we'd love to share yours too! Get in touch if you have a project to showcase.