Meet Liberty and Bandera from Breyer (It's Breyer sale week)

Liberty is a limited edition (only 3000 of them were created) that Breyer has released for spring. Inspired by denim jeans, Liberty features a denim crosshatch pattern with scrollwork similar to stitching seen on jean pockets, a testament to the fashion staple in Western wear. Liberty is on the beloved Silver model, a collector favourite first introduced in 2001. Liberty is also a mustang, a long enduring symbol of freedom of the American west, hence his name. This model is considered a decorator colour, and features the typical bald face and four socks used on decorator models. He also features tri-eyes (brown iris, black pupil and white sclera), which are not often used, so he is truly special.

Another similar model is Bandera, he is also a decorator colour but a different style, and he is limited to 5000 pieces. He features a bronze coat with multiple ranch symbols, and each symbol is explained on the back of his box. This model is homage to the heritage of the Quarter horse, whose heritage is deeply rooted in the American Wild West. A ranch's animals can roam over thousands of acres, so livestock and horse branding are a necessity and each ranching outfit has their own unique brand - usually a combination of symbols, letters, and numbers - many now are as historic as the ranches they represent.


Scoop these beautiful boys up before they’re gone!