Meet The Judge Of Our Model Building Contest

Joseph Gamble is an expert model builder who will be judging our Ford Model Building Contest that is on now until Sept 1, 2014. With over 30 years of model building experience, he is extremely qualified to judge this contest and we are happy to have his support.

Joseph Gamble

Joseph started building models at the age of 5 when his father came home with a model tank. He has a fond memory of how it took him 3 weeks of building after school with his father to complete the project. He quickly learned how sharp the hobby knifes can be - he still has a few scars - and after gluing his fingers together from time to time, he discovered his new favourite hobby.

"Most modellers strive for their work to look just like the box. It wasn't until much later in life and after buying my first airbrush, Dremel tool and other modelling equipment that I found the right method to capture "scale" within my work.  All hobbyist look to learn that "new technique" to add to their art" says Gamble.

Most nights you'll find Joseph reading or YouTubing other hobbyists' work to add to his own knowledge - he jokes, "you have to do something while the paint dries."

Example of a ModelExample of a Model

After 30 years of building models and destroying some, Joseph still finds himself in love with the hobby and encourages others to take up the knife and build something their interested in. As one of his mentors always says at the end of his videos "happy modelling everyone!"