Make volunteering your new hobby!

April is the National Volunteer month...why not start a habit of volunteering! Leverage your hobby to make volunteering fun and postiviely impact the lives of others! Here are some ideas:

Is your hobby puzzles? Why not take your favourite puzzle to the nearest Nursing Home or women's and children's shelter….enjoy spending time doing puzzles and making a difference to others!

Do you love books? Take some of your favourite books to the local hospital and read to the elderly. You can also see if your local library has volunteer opportunities or if a local book club needs group facilitators.

Are you an animal-lover? Bring your pet to a nursing home or a university. Universities have programs where they welcome pets during exams to relieve students' stress. If you do not have a pet consider fostering a rescue or volunteering at a the humane societies in your region. .

Do you enjoy helping kids learn? Try tutoring a child in a subject you love, teach Sunday school or coach a local team. If you are pressed for time be an assistant.

Photo-phanatic? Use your photography skills and enthusiasm to take pictures for local non-for-profit events.

Love nature? Create a cleaning crew do help tidy up local parks, so that everyone can enjoy the nature.

Are you a knitter? Knit or crochet items for charities or the local church to help clothe those in need.

Do you love cooking? Help out at a local food bank or host a meal for a neighbour who is going through a rough time, an elderly neighbour or drop off baked goods at a local special needs center,

Do you find peace in Yoga? Help clean a local studio after your session.

Are you willing to share the joy of your RCs? Hosts a group session at Big Brothers and Big Sisters and show the kids a thing or two and let them have some fun.

Board Game Enthusiasts? Lend your skills and games to youth groups and get them spending less time in front of a screen and more time communicating, strategizing & building friendships!  

These are just a few ways to turn your hobby into a helpful volunteer position. When was the last time your hobby gave back to the community? The activities you love most can turn into truly rewarding experiences when you are doing them to help others out. 

Try these out and fall even more in love with your hobby!