Like Magic With a Rubik's Cube!

Totally Mind Blowing! That puts it in a nut shell on Eric Limeback‚Äôs performance Saturday. His fingers move like magic with the Rubik's cube.

The customers whether young or old were in complete awe on how fast he can solve each puzzle. The younger children were memorized, and would try to mix up the Rubik's puzzle to see if Eric would be defeated. He even took the time to compete with the kids and help them become Rubik's experts with tips and tricks.

Rubik's Event With Eric LimebackRubik's Event with Eric Limeback

Rubik's Event with Eric LimebackRubik's Event with Eric Limeback

Not only could he solve every Rubik's puzzle, 3x3, 4x4 or even the 5x5, but he was capable of doing it Blindfolded! Eric could even solve the Rubik's puzzle with one hand. This was a spectacular day for everyone!

The Speed cube, Rubik's cube latest release was also here! Eric Limeback solved this in seconds!!!!

Eric you are more than welcome to come and perform at Hobby and Toy Central anytime.

We would never get tired of seeing your amazing tricks!