Love Letter, a popular micro game of risk, deduction, and luck

Along with the rise in popularity of big-box strategy games has come a good deal of excitement over so-called micro games, which play in a short amount of time with only a handful of components.

Love Letter is one of the biggest hits in this format and can be played with a small deck of cards in about 20 minutes.

The premise of this game is to get a love letter to the princess. The cards represent the various people who deliver the letter for you.  Each one holds a value that increases depending on how “close” the person is to the princess.  For example, the Guard is worth 1, the Handmaiden is worth 4, the King is worth 6.  The Princess herself is worth 8. These values come into play when players are forced to confront each other.

Each card also has a special power. For instance, if you play the Handmaid, you are protected from the actions of the other players until your next turn.

The goal of the game is to be the last player standing. It’s a game of deception and strategy all while trying to guess who the other players are. Will the Princess get your love letter?

Why we love it: This game is one that we play between longer games on game nights. The game starts with a great introductory story that can be read out to new players that really sets the tone. I love that the creators have put a lot of effort into the design of the game - everything from the story to the beautiful artwork on the cards. It’s a game with simple rules and a short run time that still makes you think and strategize.

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