Local author taking flight at Hobby and Toy Central

Our Aeroplane AdventureA local author is taking flight on our shelves! Theresa Wooll, a former Region of Waterloo International Airport employee and former Kitchener resident has published a children’s book set at 37,000 feet – “Our Aeroplane Adventure.”

Wooll’s book (written under the alias Celia Child) shares the airborne adventure of Sophie, her two dogs named Max and Bella and their flight across the Atlantic to their new home in the UK. The tale is inspired by Wooll’s time as an employee at the Region of Waterloo Airport.

“Our Aeroplane Adventure” was penned after Wooll and her husband moved to the U.K. in 2013 with pets in tow. Echoing Wooll’s experience, the canine characters Max and Bella and their best human friend Sophie have to adjust to a new life after Sophie's parents get jobs in England. Before this can happen, they have to cross the Atlantic.  

The story book boasts relatability to children and adults alike, sharing elements of relocation, travel and adventure.

Contents of this hyper-local book were kept in the family. Illustrations are by John Child, Wooll’s cousin who is a mechanical engineer and self-taught artist. All depictions of the dogs and aircrafts are beautiful, hand-painted watercolours.

“Our Aeroplane Adventure” can be found online and in all of our stores. But be sure to act quickly, we expect this unique, Canadian story to be very popular with customers!

Written By: Cheryl Flood
Cheryl Flood

After 10 years as a hobby wholesaler, Cheryl decided to open Hobby and Toy Central to engage closer with the kid in all of us, developing minds, talent and promoting some good old fashion fun! Cheryl is known for finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list in minutes. 

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