Hobby and Toy Central goes game testing at Lion Rampant again

It was game testing time again!

Our Hobby and Toy Central team once again attended the annual open house at Lion Rampant last week. Lion Rampant is one of our largest board game suppliers and have a great selection of new and classic strategies games.

It was a full night as we enjoyed a lovely dinner where we could ask lots of questions about their products; then the tables were cleared so the manufacturers could show us their games. We were excited.

This year we brought Theda and Keith from our London store, Dan and Phil for our Kitchener store, Arianna from our new Mississauga location, with Annette and I from Burlington.  We all like different types of games so it is always fun to see which ones each staff enjoy playing.

We all had a great time, found some new games we all really liked and can’t wait for them to arrive in our stores so we can show them to you!