Hobby and Toy Central goes game testing at Lion Rampant

The Hobby and Toy Central team attended the annual open house at Lion Rampant this week. Lion Rampant is one of our largest board game suppliers and are celebrating their 25th anniversary. Congratulations to them!

 Game companies are full of creative ideas and the theme for the night was medieval times. Most of the Lion staff, as well as several of the guests, came dressed in costumes, many based on characters from Monty Python and the Holy Grail (a favourite movie for sure).

 It was a full night as we enjoyed a theme-based dinner where we could ask lots of questions about their products; then the tables were cleared so the manufacturers could show us their games. We couldn’t wait.

Dan, Derrick, Nick and Elizabeth are all serious board game players. It was great to watch the potential games for our stores. Theda and Sharon were looking for the perfect new game for our London store; Theda especially likes to find new games.  Maggie was on the hunt for a new family game — where all ages can play together and still have a good time.  Jessica and Phil seemed to enjoy the light strategy games the best. As for me, I like simple games that are easy to learn and are still interesting to play.

As we ended the night we compared notes and selected the best ones. Watch for some brand-new games arriving in our stores soon. Our staff would love to tell you more.


Hobby and Toy Central staff at Game night