Hobbies, Toys and Books?

 I know books may not be the first thing to come to mind when you think of Hobby and Toy Central, but we have an extensive assortment of books in our stores. We have always prided ourselves on our variety of merchandise and our books are no exception. 

Children’s books

Children’s books are so much fun to buy for the store. We explore the publishers’ booths at the Toronto Gift Shows, and often find such great new releases we want to buy them for our children – not just the store. Of course, we stock up on the classics that have found their way in to the hearts of many generations. We love Dr. Seuss and Robert Munch and bring in any title we can get from either of these authors.  Do you remember Mr. Men books?  They are a favourite and we carry the whole collection!  How do you choose between all those great titles? 

Mr. Slow Book

Reading with our kids is special time in our home.  The next time you are in the store check out the new children’s books that have arrived. You won’t be disappointed.

Beginner/Learn to read books

We carry two different series of begin to read novels. There is the Step into Reading series by Random House and Penguin Young Readers leveled readers.  We bring in both because we like variety in titles.  Each series is from level 1 to level 5.  I taught my kids to read with these books and it’s great to watch them go up levels; they get so excited.  I really liked how the younger books were bright and colourful with large print and repeating words so it built their confidence.  If you aren’t sure your child’s reading level we can help find the best place to start, just ask.


Your kids will probably run in fear of this category, but most kids need a little extra help with a few subjects at some point.  We love Kumon and School Zone books for this exact purpose.  They are nicely titled so it is easy to find what topic you need.  Both brands have books in Reading, Writing, Math, Pre-school and Kindergarten readiness.  Kumon has a great variety of individual math skills such as Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, but also includes Geometry, Algebra, and Measurements.  Both series have books all the way to grade 6.  So if you find your child needs a little extra help in a particular school subject check out our selection of workbooks.

Activity Books

I love our activity books!  This a great way to keep our brains sharp and have fun at the same time.  We carry a wide variety of both adult and children’s activity books.  Narrowing down which ones to choose is the hardest part.  Our different Dot to dot books start with ones that are from 1-20 and can go as high as 1800 dots!  We have maze books for kids that are just starting and we have Extreme Mazes for those who dare.  Crosswords, word searches, logic puzzles, mystery mosaics, scratch and solve, hangman and so many more.

Art Books

If you would like to try your hand at drawing, Hobby and Toy Central is the place to visit at any age.  In our art section, there is a whole rack of different learn to draw books from several authors.  You will find Walter Foster learn to draw books in both junior and senior series as well as a wide assortment of Lee J. Ames Draw 50 books in a variety of themes.  We can also help you out with sketch pads and pencils too.

Klutz Books

Ok, I honestly love Klutz books!  Their entire theory is that everything is so detailed in the instructions that anyone can do it, even a klutz.  Well ladies and gentlemen; I happen to be one of those people.  I am not crafty at all.  I have bought my kids Klutz books and I was so happy that we were all actually able to create almost exactly what was in the book.  It was awesome!  We did the Make your own Mini Erasers and I was actually able to make an eraser shoe out of special eraser clay, my kids went on to make several different ones and even gave them to friends in the boxes that they made from the kit as well.  If you are looking for gifts Klutz books are a wonderful idea, everything you need in one box and they turn out great.


There are many things to look at when you come to Hobby and Toy Central.  Take some time and have a closer look at the book racks, you never know what you will find!