Five-star gifts for the star performer in your house

Magic in a Snap: Abracadabra Collection, by Melissa and Doug

It's a snap to learn and perform these professional caliber magic tricks! The tricks in this collection, geared for kids four and older, are simple to master, yet truly amazing to behold. The 10-piece set includes a king-to-queen card, rope cutter, color-changing silk, a zig-zag number slicer, a card stretching illusion, and a magic wand that shrinks and grows! Easy-to follow illustrated instructions help budding magicians learn the secrets behind these classic tricks that are sure to wow audiences of all ages!

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Juggling Rings and Juggling Clubs, by Duncan

Learning to juggle takes a little dexterity, some reasonable hand-eye coordination, and a lot of practice. Stick with it and you’ll soon be impressing your friends and family with your skills. It always helps to have good props, too. Duncan designs their juggling products with input from professional performers, so you can be sure to have props that are perfectly balanced and handle nicely. We carry Duncan’s juggling clubs and juggling rings, which are suitable for beginners and intermediate players alike. The rings even come with an instructional DVD to get you started!

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Happy Grand Piano, by Hape

Budding concert pianists will easily scale the 30 keys of this colorful wood grand piano, made for small hands and big sounds. Also available in black.




Duncan Yo-yos

Duncan has been making yo-yos since the 1930s, and continues to be one of the best-known brands in the toy industry at large. We carry a fine selection of Duncan yo-yos for just about every skill level, from the Reflex, which features an auto-return mechanism for beginners, to the Strix, a competition-ready model for performing advanced tricks.


Black Dragon Puppet, by Folkmanis

Rising up through the shadows emerges the formidable Folkmanis Black Dragon puppet. Elaborately detailed with hypnotic eyes, serpentine skin and reptilian accents, this legendary creature comes to life with movement in the mouth, forked tongue and arms. Pull the cord at the base of the tail to expand an impressive wingspan and give flight to your fantastic imagination!

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