Five gifts moms will love

Dimensions Paint by Number - Summer Cottage

Is she looking for something new? Maybe she would  like to try her hand at painting a beautiful landscape,  seascape scene, or maybe she is  a beginner who is just learning how to paint. A paint-by-number is a great way to begin showing off some  creativity from mum, grandma, or any art-fan in the house.

To see our selection of Paint by numbers click here.


Dover  - Magnificent Mosaic stained glass colouring book

Adult colouring has  proven to be stress relieving, enhances creative thinking and it is easy to pick up and put down. This is a great hobby for the busy woman in your life.  We have so many different themes from flowers to horses, from Harry Potter to Game of Thrones, from colour-by-number to our featured mosaic stained glass book.  Spiraling pinwheels, exploding geometrics, undulating waves, rhythmic zig-zags, and circular pathways are just some of the intriguing motifs you'll find in this imaginative collection of thirty images.  To see our great collection of Adult colouring books and doodles click here.


Deluxe Sequence in a tin - Jax

Whether she is getting together with friends or having a family gathering, Deluxe Sequence is a great game to have in the house for mom.  It is  fun for many age groups and you can play up to 12 players.  This strategic, interactive game encourages family or fried gatherings. The cushioned playing and beautiful ensure a long life for what’s sure to be a family classic. To find our great selection of games click here.




Country House Birds 1000pc - Cobble Hill puzzle

Puzzling is fun for all ages.  We carry a wide assortment of puzzles because we know  choosing a puzzle is  like choosing a piece of art, everyone has a different style and opinion.  You are sure to find the right size and picture to entice anyone to the love of puzzling.  Our adult puzzles come in  large and regular size pieces  and range  from 275pcs to 32000pcs!  To see the rest of our wonderful collection click here.


Deluxe Multi Media Art Set - Art advantage

This deluxe 82 piece set is the perfect gift or starter set for the budding new artist. Set contains both wet and dry media: 24 colored pencils, 24 oil pastels, 24 watercolor pans, three mini palettes, two camel hair brushes, one sanding block, a sharpener and a kneaded eraser. Attractive wood box with handle allows for easy storage and transportation of supplies. Check out the rest of our great art supplies here.