Favourites for preparing for kindergarten

With school just around the corner for little ones, you may be looking for toys that can help prepare your child for the transition into the play based kindergarten classroom. Here at Hobby and Toy Central we have many products to help your child prepare for this new adventure. Here are a few of our favourites.

School time playset - Open the box and the school day begins! With a drop-down teacher desk on one side and a student desk on the other, this innovative set allows kids to realistically play both roles! The exciting array of supplies--including 2 double-sided write-on, wipe-off boards, 2 dry-erase markers, 9 reusable activity cards, 12 pattern blocks, 150 reusable stickers, a bell, timer, pointer, and lots more--enables kids to explore a favorite activity and continue learning even out of the classroom!

Alphabet Lacing Cards - Practice your letters and build fine motor skills at the same time. This value-packed learning set has a shaped lacing board for every letter of the alphabet. Each one features a colorful illustration on one side and a label on the back, complete with oversize uppercase and lowercase letters.

Lace cards

Use the cards as flashcards, match the lace colors to the borders, or string together the entire alphabet - there are lots of ways to learn and play!

Magnetic daily calendar - Kids will feel a greater sense of control and responsibility when they help post the day of the week, date, weather, and special events on the large magnetic board for all to see. There's even a space to post their mood--an excellent way to open communication and encourage children to gauge their own emotions. Updating the information is simple: Simply take a preprinted magnet from the lower magnetic board (which hangs below the calendar to keep magnets within easy reach). Then place it on the calendar to fill in the information . . . or make a custom magnet by writing on one of two dry-erase magnet tiles! There are fields for day, date, season, weather, temperature, activities, holiday, and mood.

Pattern play  - Discover the beautiful connection between creativity and learning.  Pattern Play consists of a sturdy wooden tray and forty brightly colored wooden blocks of varying shapes and sizes. Start simple with one of the Beginner challenge cards. - On it is printed a vibrantly colorful design. - It's up to you to try and arrange all the colorful wooden blocks to perfectly match the designs on the cards!  Minds both young and old are filled with excitement as they work their way all the way from beginner to expert.  Meanwhile, with math concepts like sorting, matching, symmetry, congruence, and fractions being shown vividly through every placement of another colorful block, young brains grow stronger and stronger.  Before you know it, you've developed a brilliant pattern of educational excellence!

Pattern Play

Make learning fun with our many educational toys – there are many more in store. Whether it’s colours, numbers, or letters we have products for all learning opportunities.