Family Game Night Recommendation

With the explosion of technology, our time together as a family has become even more important than ever for us to stay connected with the ones we love.

At this time of year, we are busier than ever.

In my family, we stay connected by scheduling a regular "family games night".
We set an hour or two aside weekly and play a couple of games together. If you're looking for something new to engage your family's interests, I highly recommend the game Suspend.  It takes about two minutes to set up, is very easy to learn the rules and is A LOT of fun!  Basically, it is a game of steady hands, patience and balancing; perfect for those that want a different challenge each time you play!

For more information about this game or other interesting game ideas, come on in and ask anyone at Hobby and Toy Central for some suggestions!  We all have our favourites plus more!

Enjoy family time together; they're only young once!