Customer Spotlight: Adam Rehorn

We always love to share our customers’ work.  Nothing is more inspiring than seeing examples of other artists’ and hobbyists’ skill, creativity, and passion.

Adam Rehorn is a frequent visitor to our London location, and models just about everything: cars, ships, aircraft, armour, and sci-fi.  His work is impressive, especially his customized gundam models.

Adam took a Gundam Tryon 3 kit, which is already a sweet model, and modified it to resemble an early Transformer, called the Predaking.  He gives a nice run-down on his process for this model here.

Adam has been working at his craft for some time, so it’s no surprise how refined the finished product is.  A few weeks ago, he sent us an email, telling us a bit about his modelling experience: “I've been building Gundams since 1995, so I've had a lot of time to establish my style and hone my skills.”  His particular style stays away from realistic weathering effects in favour of a clean, bold paint work and detailing.  “I tend to make my Gundams look like cartoons that have stepped off the screen into 3-D,” he told us.  “It's all personal preference, and that's one of the great strengths of Gundam kits; you can combine imagination, personal taste, style and modelling skill to get a completely unique result!”

For more of Adam’s fantastic work, hop on over to his site, The Sprue Lagoon.

If you have a project to share with us, feel free to contact us through our website, on Facebook, or stop by one of our stores!

Written By: Nick

Nick as been with Hobby and Toy Central since 2013, when he drifted into the store at Mapleview Mall as a struggling PhD graduate. Nick has a pasion for puppets, Playmobil, European-style board games, and Gundam Models.  While he does enjoy reading difficult French philosophy now and again, and still writes the occasional academic paper, he is more likely to be found chatting with veteran modellers or typing up the latest blog post for Hobby and Toy’s website as he leads the team at our location on Appleby Line in Burlington.  

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