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"Bugs In The Kitchen" is a favourite for families of school aged kids

Bugs in the kitchener board gameBugs in the kitchen may not be something you want in your home, but trust us, it is! "Bugs In The Kitchen" by Ravensburger is one of our favourite games for families of school aged children. It's a fast paced maze game of silly fun. Watch your Nano Hexbug (included) scurry around the board looking for food. The player who catches him most wins. Strategize for too long, and he might get away.

Not only is this game fun for the whole family (even a 3-year-old would enjoy it!), this game seems to have that magical ability to draw kids away from their video games to join in a round of family game time. So clear the table, pull up a chair, and power off the distractions of daily living to spend some quality time with those around you.