Bored Tweens? Some new hobby ideas

Check out the brand new Litehawk Rush - R/C Car

Litehawk Rush - R/C CarThis ready-to-run Race Buggy delivers power seamlessly through a durable 4 wheel drive system, giving you consistent traction! High travel suspension lets you explore all types terrain with ease! RUSH 4x4 Racing Buggy brings many features usually only seen on top-tier vehicles! High strength metal parts, adjustable suspension, saddle-pack battery layout with quick access tabs, central motor position, modular servo with servo saver, and much more! Racing off road, at a skate park - or in your own back yard - RUSH 4x4 is the perfect choice!

Walter Foster  - “How to” art books 

Bring out their creative side and try one of our “how to” art books by Walter Foster.  It is a great way to boost your child’s confidence in their art work. There are many different mediums to work in, from paint to pastels to sketching.  We can start your child off with easy to follow instruction books and help with all their supplies as well.

Gundam Models 

Gundam Models are great way to get your tween into modeling.  They snap together and already come molded in colour so there is no painting.  Don’t get me wrong they are not easy, they require patience and attention to detail when following the instructions.  When they are finished, Gundam models are poseable and make fantastic displays.  You can also use paint and weathering techniques to customise them.  

Gundam model

Stunt/Sport Kites 

Time to take your tweens kiting to the next level.  Have you ever watched a kite in a field or lake front that wasn’t just controlled by the wind?  It looks like it is turning and almost dancing in the sky?  That is a stunt kite.  The Stunt/Sport kite is different from the standard kite, this style has two lines, to offer specific control over movement. The aerodynamic shape is designed to cut the wind and respond to it’s pilot movement.  With pushing and pulling motions on each string they essentially can turn the kite the way they want.  There is more challenge to flying a kite like this, but with practice the results can be amazing.