Aggravation is back!

After a long absence -- some of our customers have been waiting for upwards of two years to see it again -- the classic board game has returned to our shelves. We couldn't be more excited to have it back in stock!

Aggravation Board GameAggravation is a fast-paced and exciting game for up to 6 players. Each player takes turns racing 4 coloured marbles from their Base to Home. Players can take advantage of risky shortcuts and may "aggravate" their opponents by landing on top of one of their marbles and sending it back to Base. The first player to get all four marbles to their Home wins the game.

We are happy to see the game return unchanged, they even still include an extra marble of each colour because we all know it's nice to have spares. This edition of Aggravation includes the classic rules for 2 to 6 players, as well as new four-player partnership and six-player team versions.

This game is especially great for families with kids aged 6-10. It is sure to kick off a great family board game night!

Come by to take a look.