25 Last-Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

Some of the must fun on Christmas morning (or anytime, really) comes in small packages. That’s why stockings can be kids’ favourite things to open!

We have a lot of unique, small toys and games for all ages. Here are 25 quick stocking stuff ideas on our shelves.

(Please note that not all products are available online. Stop by one of our four locations and one of our hobby and toy experts will be happy to help you.)

  1. Story Cubes — especially the Batman version!
    Rory's Story Cubes Batman
  2. Silly Putty / Putty Peeps
  3. Yo-yos of all kinds
  4. Tiny games in tins: Quiddler, Karma, Set, Five Crowns
    Quiddler Mini Round Tin Set
  5. Melting Martian
  6. Squishy Crazy-Eyed Monsters — yes, this is the actual name! Come into the store and ask us.
  7. Hanabi card game
    Hanabi card game
  8. Brain teasers
  9. Playmobil Figures ($2.99)
    Playmobil Figures Series 7 Boys
  10. Kendama — a really fun Japanese ball and cup game
  11. Pop-culture buttons (assorted, $1.99 each)
  12. Pop-cultre magnets (assorted, $5.99 each)
  13. Pop-culture pens
  14. Mood rings
  15. Good Dinosaur merchandise — we haven't been able to post much online yet, but here is a sample of what's in store from our Facebook page
    Forrest Woodbush toy from Good Dinosaur movie 
  16. Joke gifts (hand buzzers, fake vomit, etc.)
  17. Sticky toys, like Sticky Starfish
  18. Game of Things small card game
  19. Dutch Blitz card game
  20. Fluxx card game (lots of themes, including Batman, Pirate, Zombie)
    Fluxx card game holiday theme
  21. Uno card game
  22. Phase 10 card game
  23. 3D Crystal Puzzles
    3D Crystal Puzzle Apple Level 2
  24. Rubik's Cubes or V-cubes
  25. Kanoodle brain teaser puzzle games

If one of these ideas doesn’t catch your eye, just come by and we can help you find the perfect stocking stuffer!

Written By: Nick

Nick as been with Hobby and Toy Central since 2013, when he drifted into the store at Mapleview Mall as a struggling PhD graduate. Nick has a pasion for puppets, Playmobil, European-style board games, and Gundam Models.  While he does enjoy reading difficult French philosophy now and again, and still writes the occasional academic paper, he is more likely to be found chatting with veteran modellers or typing up the latest blog post for Hobby and Toy’s website as he leads the team at our location on Appleby Line in Burlington.  

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